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I Need
September 17, 00 (NC-17) (Spike/Anya) Written By: Chelle and Anez Wooley in response to Laure Alexander's birthday challenge for 2000. Anez covered Anya's point of view and I covered Spike's. Basically, it's smutty. :)

Good Vibrations and Auto Vibes
Written By: Chelle Storey and Sara Cooley-The
(Spike/Buffy) (NC-17) The Slayer and Spike discover that they have something in common. A penchant for vibrating toys. This is supposed to be humor fic at it's most outrageous.

Messenger of Fate
Written By:Chelle and Tinkerbell
(Buffy/Angel)(R) This fic was written as a gift for a mutual friend. It could probably be called an archive fic, but it's pretty funny and really lifted our friend's spirits.

I've got a couple more coming soon, with other authors.

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